Hi, my name is Connie Whitlock.  I don't know if you heard of me or not, but if you haven't let me introduce myself.  I am a wife, mother, friend, musician, business woman, music coach and instructor, worship leader, and much more.  I have always had to wear many hats in my lifetime and have gained a multitude of different skills and experiences.  I don't want to bore you with where I was born or even paragraphs of details of my life.  All I am going to tell you is that I am faithful at whatever I pursue, loyal to who I serve, and love it when I see excellence in myself and others.  I can do many things and some I have learned just because I had to learn them to pursue my own dreams.  I believe what I love doing more than any other thing is pursuing the art of music and helping others pursue their dreams in music. 

I have had years of training in music and love playing the keys.  My studio is right next to my kitchen and easily accessible when I a new song is being birthed.  I could be anywhere when that happens, so I make sure I have my handy dandy Iphone along with me to record my ideas.  I never took up quilting, or really seriously scrapbooking, but I love to create music.  

I have worked over the years in the Christian industry, because I am a Christian and love to lead worship.  I also play in regular bands and love all music.  My favorite artist at the moment is Ed Sheeran.  I love to study his progressions and lyrics.  

OK, now you know me a little.  If you would like to get to know me more, I am bookable for speaking and live music.  Hey, if you want to learn to do what I do, I also teach.  You can pm me on my Facebook or text me at 816-540-4197 and give me a good time to call you back.  

I teach in Pleasant Hill, MO and in Independence, MO.  I can teach via Skype.  Yes, it works!  Skype is awesome!

I hope you the best in your music!