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October 16, 2019

Hi all, 
  Welcome to Connie's Notes Newsletter for my music students and parents.  With all of the spam in the world, I thought I would name the newsletter and date it for you in the subject line to make it clearer when you are checking email.  

Web site:
     I created a new personal website with a section just for you.  If you click on "Music Lessons", there are many options including "resources" in the menu with many learning tools.  If there is anything you would like me to put up there to help students, let me know.  I know the web is a place to get great information and wrong information.  I can research it for you, and put it in the resources.  

I am so excited as we go into the fall season.  The holidays are coming and that means holiday music.  Also in the resource section of my site, I have a link to free Christmas music.  Go ahead and browse around for your child and let me know if you like one.  I will print it out, and we can start learning it. 

Christmas Concert:
Last year, we had a mini Christmas concert here at my house.  Let's do that again this year on November 30 at 11AM.  There will be cookies and hot chocolate, Christmas and other music, and we will end just in time for you to go home or go out to lunch.  This will be at my house at 17300 Gray Dr., Pleasant Hill, MO  64080.  RSVP how many, so I know how many seats to have available. I am thrilled to have the baby grand this year to present all the piano music. 

There will be no music lessons the week of Christmas.  You will not pay for this week.  Enjoy your families.  We will resume lessons the next week.  If you need to reschedule for the holiday, please let me know in advanced, so I can put it in my schedule.  

Fees:Pay Pal:  All check are written to Connie Whitlock in all locations, and you can also pay by Pay Pal to constancewhitlock@gmail.com.

Inclement Weather:It's rather easy for me, since I am already here at home.  I do live in the country, and we are slow here to shovel the driveway.  If you feel that the weather is too much to come out, let me know, and we can reschedule, or I can teach via Facebook Chat.  I do this quite a bit. 

For Lee's Summit Students:   The school might close due to inclement weather, and I will send out a text.  We can reschedule, make it up, or Facebook Chat.  

My Legacy Students:   
     Legacy is selling to Shining Light Music in Lee's Summit MO.  As of January 1, 2019, we will be holding lessons at Shining Light Music, 611 SW 3rd St, Lee's Summit, MO 64063, this is so exciting.  Shining Light is a wonderful school of music with so much to offer.  They do sell pianos, guitars, books, etc.  They are expanding their school and have well over 200 students. I am glad to join the team.  For those that are coming down 50, take the 291 exit North into downtown Lee's Summit.  It should be the the same distance as Legacy.   I am building my student base at Shining Light, so please let people in Lee's Summit and surrounding cities know.  I am still teaching at my house and probably always will.  So I will have two locations.  

So, happy fall!  Enjoy the changing leaves, hot apple cider, and family and friends. 

See you all soon,
Connie Whitlock

October 1, 2019:
I have a new personal Pay Pal - constancewhitlock@gmail.com All check now written to Connie Whitlock

Hi All,
Hope everyone is having a wonderful fall season. It is getting colder now and darker earlier. I will try to keep the front lit for you. My dream is to put in a gravel drive someday in front of the house. Wouldn't that be easier? I can dream. We hope to finish the front decking before winter sets in.

There will be no lessons the week of Christmas. We will have lessons the week of the new year. There are no other cancelations for the rest of the year.

November 30th, 11AM in my home, we will have a Christmas Concert and Cookies. Hope you can come with a song to share.

Connie Whitlock