Piano, Vocal, General Music, and Stage Performance

Connie offers private piano instruction and teaches the Rogers Rogers of foundation of Music method.  www.fivelawsofmusic.com
2 Locations: Her Home, 17300 Gray, Pleasant Hill, MO 64080  or at the Academy at 4603 Norfleet, Independence Studio in  $22 per 1/2 hour   

Connie works for Rogers Foundation of Music and the policy of RFM is as follows.
    -- Curriculum $30
    -- Fees are collected on or before the first lesson of the month for the entire month.  $15 late fee
    -- Students are reserving the time slot and are responsible for payment whether in attendance or not.
    -- I don't make it a policy to reschedule sessions unless the instructor is willing and has the time to do so. 
    -- There is one concert/recital every year in December which takes the place of the lesson of the week of Christmas.  

816-540-4197     Call for a free consultation.