Piano & Vocal Lessons, Concerts, Coaching for Bands/Artists, Worship Leading, Speaking

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Piano Lessons with the RFM Method



Connie offers private piano instruction and teaches the Rogers Rogers of foundation of Music method.  RogersFoundationOfMusic.com

This method uses a method that teaches music as a language and then takes that language to the instrument.  RFM helps take college theory studies and brings them to the students in a way that can be applied and understood.  The student will first parrot copy information, meanwhile eventually moving into the logic stage and understanding what they are parroting, and finally uses this to create.  

Out of her home Pleasant Hill Missouri (17300 Gray, Pleasant Hill, MO 64080  or at the Independence Studio in  $22 per 1/2 hour
Independence openings are full with the exception of Friday from 2:15 to 3:15pm.  Openings in Pleasant Hill are on Mondays and Tuesdays, contact for open times. 
(If you have four or more students for a class, we can open up more evening times in Independence, classes are $50 per month with four or more in the class, piano or vocal) 

Connie works for Rogers Foundation of Music and the policy of RFM is as follows.

Set up fee for the method is $30 at the Independence studio.  No set up fee for home.

All checks are to be written to AirDigital, the parent company of Rogers Foundation of Music
Fees are collected on or before the first lesson of the month for the entire month.  $15 late fee
Address given to send fees when signed up for lessons
Students are reserving the time slot and are responsible for payment whether in attendance or not.
We don't make it a policy to reschedule sessions unless the instructor is willing and has the time to do so. 
There is one concert/recital every year in December which takes the place of the lesson of the week of Christmas.  


Call for a free consultation.


Concert Performance or Leading Worship

 What kind of Concert or Performance do you need?  You can pm me on my Facebook and let me know the details, I will glad to give you a quote or you can give me a quote or text me at 816-540-4197.  However, you want to negotiate, is good with me.   I do have a band and access to sound equipment.  I am also in a country group called Honey & Wine.  www.honeyandwinemusic.com  
www.facebook.com/constancewhitlock   please pm Connie


Coaching for Bands/Artists

If you are needing someone to flesh out your dreams and make a plan, I can help you.   I will sit down with you, ask you key questions, and we will talk about a path that will get to where you want to go.
$75 per hour.   Call for Appointment.



If you need a speaker, I can speak on various topics.  Of course, I do know music, but there are some other topics I do like to share.  One that has been on my heart in the last couple of years is how to have healthy relationship and move toward your dreams.  Of course mine were musical, but we all have dreams and there are things that can just get in the way.  Having a healthy life, which includes the people around us, is vital to our moving forward.