About Connie
Contact Connie Whitlock 816-540-4197 or pm on Facebook - @conniewhitlockmusic
Connie is a songwriter/composer, teacher of music, and performer. In the 80s and early 90s, she played piano for Kevin Prosch, David Ruis, Eddie Espinosa, and led at churches like Metro Christian Fellowship, the Vineyard, and many others. She was a church music director on staff for over 7 years and has built multiple worship teams.

Connie started a Christian organization, King Cat Christian Music, in 1999 which supported Christian artists by way of radio, web presence, awards programs, and publishing.

Connie studied at the Rogers Foundation of Music Academy for 8 years with Phil Rogers, and now teaches, performs with Honey and Wine Music. She has released many recordings and continues to release new music with Honey & Wine Music.